I discovered that the amp for my 7 year old HSU VTF3 MK2 went out so I contacted HSU Research and was able to purchase a new one. There weren't any printed instructions and I hadn't done this before so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures along the way. I'm happy to report that the walls are shaking in my house again.

2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Okay lets get started with the replacement of the plate amp.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Notice the edges of the amp where they meet the enclosure, it's not perfect.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Back out the 12 screws along the edge of the plate. Just so you don't loose them in the sub you may want to plug both ports.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | The amp may be firmly attached to the enclosure, make a fist and hit it firmly in the center to free it. Here is the amp partially out. Don't pull the wires off the circuit board.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | You will need to remove the wires from the driver. To do this get another pair of hands to prevent the amp from falling and damaging the surface of the sub or bend/breaking the metal tab that the wires are attached to. Hmmm, how do I know this... Be careful the connections may not come apart very easily and could require some force. Use one hand to rock the connector back and forth and the other to hold the metal tab on the driver in place during it's removal.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Here's a peek inside the enclosure just because.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | The new amp comes with a power cord and plug.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Old and new side by side.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Have a partner hold the amp so you can reach in and hold the tab on the driver and push the wire connectors on without damaging them. They don't go on any easier than they came off. Once it's connected up line the edges up and press it into place.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Start the 12 screws with your hands to prevent any cross threading.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Tighten the screws down snugly but be sure not to over tighten. The new amp comes with a nice gasket, there won't be any rattles.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Connect up the cable and set the volume to about 9 and start testing. You are Done! I had to crimp my RCA jack to get a firm connection on the new sub in connection, it's a tiny bit smaller than the old amp.

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