In 2005 I was putting together my surround sound setup for our home theater. It wasn't anything fancy but I wanted to have some fun. I ran across a web site with instructions to make your own boutique style speaker cables so I decided it would be a fun project. I copied the URL contents so I wouldn't loose it, made my cables and forgot about it. Well the original web site is no longer and it had some nice information. I attempted to send a note to the owner to get permission to repost their content and it bounced. I queried the archive site for the previous content and that particular page is not available. So ... Please review the original cable guide here and then come back and take a peak at what I have. The original URL has a nice parts list with links. Thanks for visiting.

2240x1680 | 1024x768| Start with bulk wire. I used 4 conductor wire from
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Cut to length.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Measure and mark each end in prep for removal of insulation and techflex placement.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Measure, cut and install the techflex, be sure not to stretch it to tight, it will make the cables stiff. Glue in place with heat shrink tubing.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Close up of the ends with heat shrink tubing applied.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Using your knife, cut and peal back the cable insulation to the line.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Cut around the cable to remove.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Separate two pairs and twist together, make sure you pick the same pair on both ends.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Heat shrink tubing.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Slide over the twisted pair ends.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Heat tubing to fit.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | If you have a vacuum plug from your local auto parts store slide it over the ends to keep them from snagging the thin techflex.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Techflex applied
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Measure and cut heat shrink tubing to hold techflex in place.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Heat it up to glue in place. Be careful not to melt the techflex.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Cut a larger section of techflex to create the wire split cover.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Again heat to fit and don't melt the techflex.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Measure and cut the 1" copper tubing for the barrel. I didn;t have much luck with the plastic barrels they kept melting. These gave me a nice sharp solid corner.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | I used some left over carpet padding to help with keeping the wire centered in the barrel.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Here's a picture with the wire running through the barrel and the foam padding inserted to keep the wire close to center.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Same as before, just another angle.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Wrap the end wire techflex in aluminum foil in an attempt to create a heat shield. Don't wrap tightly you need it loose. The heat shrink for the barrels requires more heat than it takes to melt the techflex on the individual wires. Once the heat shrink has reduced it's max, just pull out the foil.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | One end of the finished cable. Notice the sharp corners on the barrel.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | And the other.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | Both together.
2240x1680 | 1024x768 | The complete set of speaker cables for my 5.1 setup.

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